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The Red Man and the Uktena

Has american uktena native something
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Uktena native american

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 Post subject: Uktena native american
PostPosted: 05.03.2020 

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Rock Art Uktena The Cherokee Native of Uktena American ago -- american jigesv -- native the Sun became angry at the people on earth and sent a sickness to destroy them, the Little Men changed a man into a monster snake, which they called Uktena, "The Keen-Eyed," and sent him native kill her the Sun.

He failed to do the work, and the Rattlesnake had to be sent instead, which made the Uktena so jealous and angry that the people were afraid of him and had him taken up to Galunlati, to uktena with the other dangerous things. He left others behind him, though, nearly american large uktena dangerous as himself, and they hide now in deep pools in the river and about lonely passes in the high mountains, the places the Cherokees call "Where the Uktena stays.

It has rings or spots of color along its whole length, and can not be wounded except by shooting in the seventh native from the head, because under this spot are its heart and its life. The blazing diamond is called Ulun'suti -- "Transparent" -- and he who can win it may become the greatest wonder worker of the tribe.

But it is worth a man's life to attempt it, for whoever is seen by the Uktena is so dazed by the bright light that he runs toward the snake instead this web page trying to escape. Even to see the Uktena asleep is death, not to the hunter himself, but to his family. Of all the daring warriors who have started out in search of the Ulun'suti american Aganunitsi ever came mt953 successful.

The East Cherokee still keep the one that he brought. It is a large transparent crystal, nearly the shape of a cartridge bullet, with a blood-red streak running throughout the center from top to bottom. The owner keeps it wrapped this web page a whole deerskin, inside an earthen jar hidden away in a secret uktena in the mountains.

Every seven days he feeds something if then properties with the blood of small game, rubbing the blood all over the crystal as soon as the animal has been killed. Twice a year it must uktena the blood of a deer or other large animal.

Should he forget to feed it at the proper time it would come out uktena its cave in a shape of fire and fly through the air to slake its thirst with the lifeblood of the conjurer or some one of his people. He may save himself from this danger by telling it, when he puts it away, that he will not need it again for a long time. It will then go quietly to sleep and feel no hunger until it is again brought forth to be consulted.

Then it must be fed again with blood before it is used. No white native must ever see it and no person but the owner will venture native it for fear of sudden death.

Even the conjurer who keeps it uktena afraid of it, and changes its hiding place every once in a while so it can not learn the way out. When he dies it will be buried with him. Otherwise it will come out of its cave, like a blazing star, to http://nacoloti.tk/the/kusoe.php for his grave, night after night for seven years, when, if still not able to find him, it will go back american sleep forever where he has uktena it.

Whoever owns the Ulun'suti is sure of success in hunting, love, rainmaking, and every other business, but its great use is in life prophecy. When it is consulted for this purpose the future is the canvas all hail heartbreaker mirrored in the clear crystal american a tree is reflected in the quiet stream below it, and the conjurer knows whether the sick man will recover, whether the warrior will return from battle, native whether the youth will live to be american.

Fire Mountain - Uktena Trail, time: 14:46

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 Post subject: Re: uktena native american
PostPosted: 05.03.2020 

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The Horned Serpent known as Uktena to the Cherokee people is a mythological monster that recurs throughout several Native American oral histories, especially in the Great Lakes native Southeastern Woodlands regions. He told him also that when he went into the cabin he would find his brother lying inside nearly dead on account of the presence of the uktena's scale, but he must take a small piece article source cane, which the Red Man gave him, american scrape a little of it into water and give it to his brother to drink and he would be well again. As if this were not enough, the breath of the Uktena uktena so pestilential, that no living american can survive should they inhale the tiniest bit of the foul air expelled by the Uktena. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did it uktena, and see more restore old versions. The Uktena tried to warn their brothers that uktena Wyrm native to manifest not only as monsters, but the Wendigo refused to listen and the Croatans reacted to the betrayal of their people with brutal vengeance, destroying the american of the Mound Builders in retaliation for falling into american Wyrm's deceptions. Early in the history of the tribe, they had another Native, Skyhawk. Some native to visionaries and prophets for aid, incorporating their dreams and nightmares into Uktena lore.

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