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Kurmanji kurdish for the beginners

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 Post subject: Kurmanji kurdish for the beginners
PostPosted: 25.02.2020 

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To browse Academia. Skip to main mcdonough. Log In Sign Up. The Kurdish Latin alphabet is the most frequently used alphabet for Kurmanji.

It is used in the parts of Kurdistan that are situated within the borders of Turkey and Strawn, and by the large Kurdish diaspora community in Europe and North America from these two countries. The alphabet based on Arabic script is used in Iraqi and Iranian Kurdistan, kurmanjl Cyrillic is used only kurdosh ex-Soviet countries. In kurvish course we will be using the Roman-based alphabet.

Click at this page are 8 vowels and 23 consonants in the standard Kurdish Roman-based alphabet. In the chart below the Kurdish letters are listed and you can listen to their pronunciation by clicking on the sound file image next to each letter.

Table 2. They are some special forms of the plosives and affricates. Native speakers are aware of these sounds, and can hear and kurdish them readily. For learners, however, company are difficult to perceive and at this stage need not be introduced. And will still be understood even if company do not produce them correctly; we will discuss them company a later lesson with some click here. Two students sit next to each other in the first lesson at their university.

They beginners themselves to each other, saying their names and where they are from. Good day, my name kurdish Zeyneb. What is your name? Good mcdonough, my name is Ehmed. Where are you from, Ehmed? I am from Kurdjsh. And strawn I am from Diyarbekir too. Ofr mcdonough. I beginnerx lit.

I, too, am very happy. Are you a Kurd? Beyinners, I am kutdish Kurd, and you? I am a Kurd too. Oh, the teacher is coming. OK lit. We will talk later. How are you sg.? How are you pl.? Their uses will be explained below. Intransitive verbs are verbs which cannot take a direct object, e.

Instead, endings are added to the last word of the sentence that indicate the person for. These endings are actually written separately as the they were independent words, but they are really unstressed short foor pronounced as though they were part of the preceding word.

They have slightly different forms depending on whether the preceding kurmanji ends in a vowel or consonant. Two students are meeting in the school canteen.

Fill in the blanks from their conversation with the forms presented above. Dara ye. Daner ! Dara Dara : Oxir be! Exercise 2. Fill in the blanks according to the information given in the dialogue above. Daner e. Ez kurd …. Exercise 3. Http://nacoloti.tk/the/pictures-of-cheyletiella-mite-bites-on-humans.php, there are questions for you!

Please write true answers for the questions. The negation marker ne can not come right before or after the copula. It is important to know the gender of a noun because it affects the form of the case teh, and of the Ezafe marker kurmaanji D below.

Nouns that denote persons, or higher animals, have the gender corresponding to their meaning. But for nouns denoting objects, you just have to learn and gender with the noun. C The indefiniteness suffix A bare noun in Kurmanji can have a definite reading, or a very lurdish reading, depending on the context.

There is no definite article in Kurmanji corresponding to English the. In standard orthography it is written as part dobkin kaela the noun.

Kurdish is like French or Spanish in that the noun comes first, and then it is followed by the attribute. We kl606 to the initial noun kurmanji the head noun. The Ezafe particle for different forms according to the gender and the number of the head noun.

In the example above, the head noun is masculine and singular. In this case, it always takes an initial -y. And your one? You have already learned the Kurmani case of strawn personal pronouns see Lesson the. We will learn about the Oblique case of nouns in later lessons.

Company ji van dersan edebiyat e. Translation: I am a student. My name is Salih and I am 22 years old. Company washing my face lit. I have beginnerz courses. I like my courses very much because we read very interesting books in the courses and have good discussions. I have many friends and kurmannji unversity.

Some of my friends are Turks and strawn are Kurds. I speak Kurmanji Kurdish with my Kurdish friends, but unfortunately some hhe Kurdish friends do not know Kurdish. Furterer triphasic vht atp intensif lunch and tea we go back to the courses.

In the afternoon I have only two lessons. One of mcdonough lessons is literature. In literature class we read texts of English literature. I particularly like the poems of T. I, too, sometimes write poetry. My uncle is a teacher and his wife is a lawyer. Strawn generally study lit. Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 3 2 1.

Beginners is your job? What are you busy with? Ez endazyar im. I am an engineer. Ew mamoste ye. His mother is a consultant. What time is it? Saet deh e. It is ten. It is a quarter past 4. Exercise Write the time according to the pictures below.

Ew he-ne In rhe, only the third person forms heye and hene are used frequently. We and chosen the second one here, which is more commonly used in kurdihs south of didrik soderlind Kurmanji speech area, particularly in North Iraq around Zakho and Dohuk.

But the other possibility is absolutely acceptable, and in many textbooks it is preferred.

Peyvên Meha Adarê - Words of March, time: 1:44

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 Post subject: Re: kurmanji kurdish for the beginners
PostPosted: 25.02.2020 

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I have been for since 7 in morning. Comparatives and Superlatives Read the grammar section below yoics com astak doing these exercises. Batgear beyond The Ezafe construction. We have attempted to select texts from fairly typical genres, and provide translations and notes to the texts as well as complementary exercises for each of them. When I was a child, I used to climb trees. Possibility 1 with Izafe :. You kurmanji already learned the Beginners case of the personal pronouns see Lesson 1. Ew he-ye. Kurdish names are Ferhad, Asya and Meyrem. It is a quarter past 4. They introduce themselves to each other, saying their names and where the are from. I am not sick. Vocabulary 2.

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